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Sinomach Foundry and Metal Forming Co., Ltd(FMF) was established on April 18, 2017 and is headquartered in Jinan.


FMF covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters, the production plant of more than 15,000 square meters. It has large CNC machining equipment, laser forming equipment and various types of testing equipment. Now there are more than 120 senior and mid-level engineers.


FMF fully relies on the resources of AE in the aspects of engineering planning and design, general contracting of projects and automobile production equipment, adopts the advanced management experiences of AE and its global best practice in general contracting of the automotive industry, inheriting more than 60 years of profound expertise in the field of foundry and metalforming from JFMI, its talent team, industry strengths, and national quality supervision & inspection of foundry and metalforming equipment, laying the industrial chain, expanding and upgrading the overall technical strength and equipment manufacturing capabilities, transformation and upgrading, and continuous with innovative and efficient operation, it maintains a technologically advanced position in the foundry and metalforming industry, forms a new core competitive advantage, and has abilities to provide customers the general project contracting in the fields of foundry, metalforming and automotive equipments, and provide complete solutions and complete sets of processing equipments for new and old customers both at home and abroad.
Complete Foundry Equipment:
FMF has the ability to provide customers with general contracting of projects for complete set of foundry equipment, and maintains the leading position in the foundry industry. for aluminum alloy low-pressure casting machine, FMF has unique advantages. The national major special project—low-pressure die casting complete equipment project of aluminum alloy of car cylinder head & cylinder body has passed the inspection and been working perfectly at customer’s factory.
Complete Equipment for Automotive Industry:
FMF has a more overwhelming advantage in the automotive beam processing equipment, able to provide customers with total solutions of equipment for cross-section and variable cross-section beam from raw materials to finished products. Development of flexible manufacturing complete production line for side member has won the first class of Shandong Provincial & Jinan Municipal Science And Technology Progress Award; Research and application of key techniques of roll forming has won the first class of Chinese Machinery Industry Science And Technology Award; CNC punching installations for truck flat beam with variable cross-section has won the second class of Chinese Machinery Industry Science And Technology Award; The patent of invention for the punching process for web and flanges of U beam and its production equipment has won the first class of Shandong Province Patent Award; A bending line for wide front & narrow rear truck beam has won the third class of China National Machinery Industry Corporation Science And Technology Award.
Complete Equipment for Coil Processing:
FMF provides cold pressing, shearing and other metalforming products. Rely on the strong technical advantages and talent advantages of JFMI, FMF is capable of providing users with complete solutions for professional coiler processing and various metalforming equipment.
With more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of production lines. FMF can provide complete and perfect solutions according to the needs of users.
FMF adopts an internationalized project management method, provides customers with integrated solutions, with the mission of “creating value for customers”, and provides customers with the entire process service of project construction that exceeds customer expectations.

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