The new molding line delivered to Sino-American Joint Venture customer successfully

Published on:

2018-08-06 15:15

Shandong Conmet-Xin Machinery Co., Ltd. (an sino-American Joint Venture., hereafter we called Conmet-Xin) has purchased another XZ4412 molding line from FMF last year. Conmet-Xin has an international leading influence in the casting industry and strict equipment-purchasing system. Up to now, it has purchased three sets of molding line from FMF. On June 30th of 2018, this new XZ4412 molding line has successfully produced the first box of castings with hard working of FMF engineers and Conmet-Xin’s workers. In July, after operating for some time, the efficiency of this line reaches 135 molds per hour and since then this line has been working smoothly. Conmet-Xin is very satisfied with this line and FMF’s professional technical service.