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Project dynamics
FMF Sign Contract of Coil Processing Lines with Algerian Customer
OnJanuary22,2019,FMFandAlgerianCustomer“SPACondorElectronics”successfullysignedaSlittingLineandaCut-to-LengthLine.Thisisthesecondoverseasprojectsignedsince2019. Cut-to-LengthLine ThissignedSlittingLin
FMF Won the Bid of Moulding Line Project for XCMG
Good Start! FMF First Deal in 2019!
Good news came from India at 19:38 Beijing time, January 3 2019, the second day of the new year's work day - the successful signing of contract for CNC plasma robot cutting production line and logistics production line between Sinomach Foundry and Metal Forming Co., Ltd.(FMF) and Omax Autos Limited, an Indian customer, with a contract amount of US$800,000. The first week of 2019 has been successful! This is also the FMF’s first shot in the international market!
FMF Won the Bid for FAW International Tendering Project Successfully
With rich experience in the field of commercial vehicle frames, strong technical strength, perfect service system and good business reputation, after a positive competition with European counterparts , FMF successfully won the bid for CNC Automatic Punching Production Line Project with 5-Punching units for U-Beam of FAW Group Corporation Co., Ltd.(FAW) recently. It will be the FAW’s 17th set of high-end intelligent automotive equipment provided by FMF!
New Cut to Length & Slitting Combined Line Working At Inner Mongolia
JCSL-12X2000Cuttolength&SlittingCombinedLineWorkingAtInnerMongolia OnNovember1st2018,,JCSL-12X2000Cuttolength&SlittingCombinedLine,ProvidedbyFMF----SinomachFoundryandMetalFormingCo.,Ltd.,hasbeenputint
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