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CNC Cut-to-Length Blanking Line with Electromagnetic Stacking

CNC Cut-to-Length Blanking Line with Electromagnetic Stacking


           Exchanging Roll Box Leveler

  Product Description  

It is mainly composed of loading car, decoiler, leveler, bridge, fix-length feeding machine, press, stacker and other

auxiliary equipment.
The whole line is controlled by PLC. High-accuracy servo system makes it more automaticand productive.
It is suitable for cold-rolled and hot-rolled carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, and coating coils.
Four kinds of stacking options: air floating stacking, robot stacking, electromagnetic stacking and vacuum stacking.

CPL800T- 3X2000 Blanking line with electromagnetic stacking


       Electromagnetic Stacking Machine


           Oscillating Shear Toolings


  Main Technical Specifications   

Type JSL-2×1300 CPL315-4x1200 CPL500-3x1850 CPL630T-3x2000 CPL800T-3x2000
Thickness(mm) 0.5~4 0.5~4 0.5~3 0.5~3 0.5~3
Width(mm) 80~500 100~1200 500~1850 500~2000 500~2000
Max. blank frequency(次) 50 50 50 50/60 50/60
Max. blanking length(m) 2 3 4 4.5 4.5
Coil weight(t) 8 15 20 25 30


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